We encourage you to come and spend some time getting to know any dog or cat you may want to adopt. Please read the criteria for adoption below.  If you think you have found the right one, complete an application and submit it promptly.


1. Be 21 years of age or older and have a valid photo ID showing their present address.
2. Have the consent of all the adults living in the household.
3. List any and all pets living in the household. THIS INCLUDES PETS OWNED IN THE
4. If you are a renter, you must have the written AND verbal consent of the landlord.
Provide a copy of lease agreement or written permission from landlord with
signature, address, and phone number(s) so they can be contacted.
5. Understand that animals are to be kept as an indoor, household companion and
integrated into the family.
6. Be physically, emotionally, and financially able to care for the animal selected and take
responsibility for all animal care and veterinarian bills.
7. Have at least two personal, non-related references.
8. Provide current vet reference (to include all pets now owned up to date on all vaccines
AND past pets having a positive pet care history).
9. Understand and agree that the animal will be spayed or neutered.
10. Understand that Four Footed Friends does not guarantee the health or temperament of
any adopted animal.
11. Understand that they are making a commitment for the lifetime of the animal.

Applications are taken on a first-come first-serve basis.  We do not hold animals.  FFF has the right to deny any application for any reason.  If your application is denied, FFF would go on to the next application.

“Every animal has the right to live without abuse and die without inflicted pain.”

The cost of adopting a dog is $125. The cost of adopting a cat is a reasonable donation.


Instructions for completing an adoption form electronically.  By completing an application, this indicates you have read and understood the above criteria:

  1. Click on a link below
  2. When a new page opens with the application on it, download or save the .pdf file to your computer
  3. Open the file from where you saved it (Using Adobe Acrobat works best, you can download it here for free)
  4. Fill in the fields and save the PDF
  5. Click the link at the bottom of the application .pdf file to be directed to the application submission page






If you are unable to fill out the form on a computer, you may simply click a link above to open the PDF in your web browser and print out the application.

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